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Join me (a 20-something, bilingual, elementary school teacher) on my quest to tackle my ever-growing TBR pile and to search for stories with diverse representation that will broaden my horizons. Look below to learn more about my 2022 reading goals, the criteria I use to review what I read, and check out the “Blog” page to find my latest blog post documenting what I’ve been reading!

2022 Reading Goals and Review Criteria:

2022 Goals and Progress:
  • Read 72 books:
    • 33/72
  • Read (at least) 25 books that I physically own:
    • 11/25
  • Read more historical fiction:
    • 6
  • Read (at least) 5 classic novels:
    • 3/5
  • Read (at least) 5 books in Spanish:
    • 2/5
Currently Reading:
  • Last Night at the Telegraph Club
  • Like a Love Story
  • The Count of Monte Cristo
Most Recently Enjoyed:
  • Gender Queer
Review Criteria:

When I review the books that I finish, this is how I will structure the information and insights that I share:

  • Title:
  • Author:
  • Year of Publication:
  • Genre:
  • Summary:
  • Format: How did I read the book? (Paperback, audiobook, etc.)
  • Themes: What were the important takeaways from the story? What messages will stick with me?
  • Character Development: How did the characters grow and change throughout the story?
  • Plot/Pacing: Did the story hold my attention the whole time? Was it predictable?
  • Writing Style: Was there anything unique or especially engaging about the writing style or literary devices used?
  • “Bingeability”: How hard was it to put down? *Note: this criteria is not necessarily a reflection of quality, but an important characteristic to note nevertheless when describing the reading experience.
  • Emotional Investment: How connected did I feel to the story? To the characters?
  • Windows and Mirrors: This criteria assesses the diversity of representation (of people or experiences) in a book and is totally subjective. Was it a window into someone else’s experience or a reflection (mirror) of my own?
  • Overall Thoughts: My general thoughts on the book.
  • Recommendation: If I recommend the book and for whom I recommend it. For children’s books, if I recommend them for children and/or classroom use.

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