Mission Statement

What is the purpose of “C.A. Hughes Book Reviews?” What do I hope to accomplish by starting this blog?

My hope for this blog is this: To spark thoughtful conversations about the books we read and why we read them, as well as to inspire passion for reading in others through sharing insights, themes, and levels of diverse representation in books old and new, short and long, and for adults and children alike. A good book is life-changing; it reflects our truest selves and opens our eyes to to experiences we’d never have otherwise. I hope through these reviews to help others find, discuss, and pass on to others these enriching books that will make them feel seen, expose them to new ideas, broaden their horizons, and stick with them forever.

I’m so excited to join this supportive community of readers that engages in thoughtful discussions about books. I would love to connect with other lifelong readers as well as aspiring readers! As I continue my pursuit of sharing my literary adventures, I will measure this blog’s success by the thoughtful discussions it sparks and its ability to represent books that connect with a wide variety of people.

Thank you for joining me on my literary journey to connect with others and the world around us through books!

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