What to Expect

In the future, there are several kinds of posts you can expect to see as I get this blog up and running.

Book Reviews

Of course, the main purpose of this blog is to review books. Therefore you can expect to see posts with reviews of books that I have just finished reading. That being said, we’re more than halfway through 2020 already (thank goodness, it’s been a weird year) so I have some catching up to do. That brings me to my next kind of post…

Cluster Reviews

I’m calling this next kind of post “cluster reviews” because I will be going back and reviewing several books that I read earlier in the year all at the same time. I’ll select a “cluster” of books from my list that I use to track my annual reading, and do shorter reviews of them all at once. I won’t be doing each book individually since it’s been a while since I’ve read some of them, and it wouldn’t be fair to review them so thoroughly if I don’t remember them well enough.

Favorite Book Features

Another kind of post you can look forward to will be features of some of my all-time favorite books. I keep a special list specifically for keeping track of the books that have stayed with me and hold a special place in my heart (and on my bookshelf), and so I will occasionally be taking the opportunity to highlight those here.

Reading Quotes

Finally, another type of post you can expect will be discussion starters with quotes about reading. This is actually something I enjoy doing with my students to get them to think more deeply about their reading: I present to them quotes about books and reading and then ask them to share their thoughts on what the quotes mean and if they agree or not. The more deeply we think about what and how we read, the more we will get out of it. And that’s the ultimate goal, isn’t it?

I look forward to getting started and sharing my reading with all of you, as well as learning from your insights and recommendations as well! Leave a comment and let me know if there are any other kinds of posts you’d like to see!

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