Travel Thursday: Our Harlem

Travel Thursday is a weekly bookish meme that combines two of my favorite things: reading and traveling. The goal is to choose a book that took you somewhere new (or somewhere you’d like to visit again)!

I would love to read more about everyone else’s literary travels as well! So here are some general guidelines for Travel Thursday if you’d like to participate!

The Rules:
  1. Every Thursday (or any Thursday you want to participate), choose a book that features somewhere you’d like to travel to! It could be somewhere you’ve never been before or somewhere you’d like to visit again.
  2. Include a description of the location and why you’d like to visit!
  3. Link back to me so I can find new blogs to follow (and add new places to my travel bucket list)!

Our Harlem: Seven Days of Cooking, Music and Soul at the Red Rooster

  • Author: Marcus Samuelsson
  • Year of publication: 2019
  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • Setting(s): Harlem (New York City) Our Harlem: Seven Days of Cooking, Music and Soul at the Red  Rooster (Audible Audio Edition): Marcus Samuelsson, Marcus Samuelsson,  Audible Originals: Audible Audiobooks

I read Our Harlem in April and really enjoyed it! It has great recipes, fascinating conversations, and vivid descriptions of a vibrant neighborhood with a lot of history and culture. After listening to it, it made me want to return to New York to fully explore this area and, of course, try some of the food! I really admire Marcus Samuelsson, and would love to someday eat at his restaurant, the Red Rooster.

I do feel like this audiobook may have been better as a documentary or a limited series. I would have loved to actually see some of the food they were cooking, the restaurant, and the amazing locations in Harlem that they were describing. However, the descriptions were still detailed enough to make me desperately want to go there someday!

Here are some photos of the incredible places and foods of Harlem that are described in Our Harlem: Seven Days of Cooking, Music and Soul at the Red Rooster.

Obama’s Short Ribs – The short ribs Samuelsson made for President Obama’s fundraiser at the Red Rooster! (Photo by The Staff Canteen)
Market in East Harlem in Decline - The New York Times
La Marqueta – Located in East Harlem (Also known as Spanish Harlem or El Barrio) / (Photo by The New York Times)
The Apollo Theater
The Apollo Theater (Photo by
From the Archives: Studio Museum in Harlem Creates a 'Home for the Evolving  Black Esthetic,' in 1973 –
The Studio Museum (Image by
Schomburg Center Event Spaces | The New York Public Library
The Schomburg Center (Photo by The New York Public Library)
Red Rooster Harlem
The Red Rooster (Photo by Red Rooster Harlem)
About — Red Rooster Harlem
The Red Rooster (Photo by Red Rooster Harlem)

From listening to this book, I learned a lot about food, Harlem, and black history. I would love to travel to Harlem someday to continue learning about all of these topics. There are so many fascinating places to visit and delicious food to try! I know this was just a small taste of all there is to see, do, and learn in Harlem.

I wonder… Where in the world will my next book take me?

Leave a comment below describing your most recent literary travels!

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