What to Expect

In the future, there are several kinds of posts you can expect to see as I get this blog up and running. Book Reviews Of course, the main purpose of this blog is to review books. Therefore you can expect to see posts with reviews of books that I have just finished reading. That beingContinue reading “What to Expect”

Windows and Mirrors

When I was in graduate school pursuing my Masters in Teaching, there was one concept in particular that really stuck with me. That concept was “Windows and Mirrors.” The idea is that books can be windows and/or mirrors. When a book is a “window,” that means it is a window into another world, life, orContinue reading “Windows and Mirrors”

Mission Statement

What is the purpose of “C.A. Hughes Book Reviews?” What do I hope to accomplish by starting this blog? My hope for this blog is this: To spark thoughtful conversations about the books we read and why we read them, as well as to inspire passion for reading in others through sharing insights, themes, andContinue reading “Mission Statement”