Book Review: “I Found You” by Lisa Jewell

If you listen to audiobooks, when do you most often listen to them? For me, I typically listen to them in my car during my commute to work. However, since starting to work from home in the spring, my consumption of audiobooks has drastically decreased. I realized that I really missed this effortless way to read (especially as I hit a slump in my reading of physical books as well), and so I’ve been trying to find a way to get into listening to books again that works with my new quarantine lifestyle. I’ve discovered that it’s a great way to make chores more pleasant! Not only that, but it actually motivates me to clean, do laundry, dishes, etc. because it gives me an excuse to keep listening to my audiobook! My apartment is the cleanest it’s been in months now. I chose “I Found You” by Lisa Jewell as my most recent listen because I listened to another book of hers earlier this year and loved it. And I’m so glad I did; it sucked me in right away and way very hard to “put down.”

Spoiler-Free Review: “I Found You” is an intriguing and suspenseful novel that will hold your attention all the way to the end…

Book Review: “The One and Only Ivan” by Katherine Applegate

“The One and Only Ivan” is a book that’s been on my radar for quite a while, and I was so excited to finally get to read it! I’ve heard great things, but I tend to be apprehensive about books featuring talking animals. However, this book was filled with so much heart and wit, I couldn’t help but love it.

Spoiler-Free Review: Based on a true story, “The One and Only Ivan” is a story full of heart about a silverback gorilla named Ivan…

Book Review: “The Meaning of Birds” by Jaye Robin Brown

I’m so excited to finally get to do a full review of a book I just finished reading! I went through a bit of a reading slump in July, so it feels good to be back on track. I started reading “The Meaning of Birds” in mid-July, but at the time I was juggling a new puppy and wedding planning, which didn’t leave me with much energy for reading. This book was different than any other young adult book I’ve read, so I’m really looking forward to sharing my review with all of you. In the next paragraph you can check out my spoiler-free review, and below that you’ll find a much more detailed review broken up into relevant categories.

Spoiler-Free Review: “The Meaning of Birds” is a heartbreaking, unique story about Jess, a teenager who loses her girlfriend, Vivi, suddenly and unexpectedly while still dealing with the grief of losing her father at a young age…

Cluster Review #3 (Historical Fiction Children’s Books, Multilingual)

Welcome to Cluster Review #3! Here’s why I ended up reading all of these historical fiction children’s books in quick succession: after Spring Break, I was planning on starting a historical fiction unit with my 6th grade Spanish literacy class. However, the week before Spring Break is when the quarantine began. I didn’t know whenContinue reading “Cluster Review #3 (Historical Fiction Children’s Books, Multilingual)”

Windows and Mirrors

When I was in graduate school pursuing my Masters in Teaching, there was one concept in particular that really stuck with me. That concept was “Windows and Mirrors.” The idea is that books can be windows and/or mirrors. When a book is a “window,” that means it is a window into another world, life, orContinue reading “Windows and Mirrors”