Welcome! I’m C.A. Hughes and I’m so happy you’re here!

I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember, and, in addition to reading books, I also love talking about what I read! I already track my reading through a list on my phone, an Excel spreadsheet, and an account on Goodreads, but I still felt like something was missing. Through this blog, I am able to combine my passions for reading, writing, and talking about books. I’m so excited to have an outlet to connect with others who share my passion for reading (and to hopefully help spark that passion in others)!

A little bit more about me: I am a new, dual language, elementary school teacher. In addition to reading, writing, and teaching, I am also passionate about Spanish, travel, and learning about other cultures (and desserts, but that’s not super relevant here). As a reader, I tend to prefer historical fiction or realistic fiction, and I have a soft spot for dystopian young adult fiction. It’s my not-so-guilty pleasure! I also read a lot of children’s books and professional development books for teachers so that I can continue growing in my profession and support my students to the best of my ability.

As a reader, I recognize that I am constantly growing and improving. Therefore, just like my students, I set reading goals for myself each year to ensure that I am fostering this personal growth! My goals differ slightly each year, but I always aim to challenge myself, get out of my comfort zone, and broaden my horizons. And, of course, get through as much of my existing TBR pile as possible so that I can justify my habit of buying new books (even though I’ve run out of room on my bookshelves)!

My goals for 2021 are to…

  • Read (at least) 72 books:
    • Last year I managed to read 100 books (and my goal was 72)! I’m re-using this goal from last year for a couple reasons. The main reason is that I don’t think 100 books will be attainable again this year. During the most intense parts of quarantine and lockdown, I read more than I would normally be able to. I’m hopeful that things will start getting back to being at least semi-normal this year, which means I won’t have as much time to read. Another reason is that I’m afraid if I set my goal too high, reading will begin to feel like a chore (which I definitely don’t want!). This year, I want to make time for lots of hobbies, and not just reading.
  • Read more non-fiction:
    • I don’t have a specific number or percentage in mind for this one, I just want to prioritize reading more from this genre. I’m rarely motivated to read non-fiction, but I always end up enjoying it when I do! In order to be successful with this challenge, my plan is to read/listen to at least one non-fiction book for every two fiction books that I read.
  • Read (at least) 5 classic novels:
    • I still feel like there are so many classic novels that I have missed out on, and I want to continue seeking these out to participate in more literary discussions. I also really enjoyed the classic novels I read last year, and want to continue challenging myself!
  • Read (at least) 5 books in Spanish:
    • Last year was actually the first year I ever read an entire book in Spanish! I want to continue pushing myself to read more in Spanish to develop my language abilities, as well as to grow as a bilingual teacher.

You can find updates on my annual reading goals, progress, and my approach to my reviews on the home page. Thank you so much for joining me on my literary journeys!

Goals from previous years:

My goals for 2020 were to…

  • Read (at least) 72 books:
    • Last year I managed to read 66 books, so this is just a small increase to stretch the amount I read without being unrealistic. It’s also important to note that I listen to audiobooks on my commute to work, which has drastically increased my book intake. I was resistant to audiobooks at first, but they’ve totally saved my commutes. Of course, now that I’m teaching at home due to the pandemic, my reading rate has slowed pretty significantly, but that’s okay!
    • Final: 100/72 books
  • Read (at least) 1 classic novel:
    • I feel like there are a lot of important novels that I have missed out on, and now that I’m not in school taking English classes I don’t always have the motivation to read them. So I set this goal to make sure I continue challenging myself and getting out of my comfort zone.
    • Final: 3/1
  • Read more sci-fi:
    • This one isn’t very specific. I just feel like sci-fi is one of my least-read genres, so I wanted to push myself to read more books that I wouldn’t normally pick up.
    • Final: 14 sci-fi novels
  • Read (at least) 1 book in Spanish:
    • I’m very passionate about Spanish, and I now teach Spanish literacy as part of my job. Throughout my studies, however, I never really had the opportunity to read novels in Spanish (lots of scholarly articles and academic texts, but not many novels). This goal is to continue my own Spanish literacy development as well as to help me be a better teacher.
    • Final: 6/1

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